St Andrews Beach Brewery The Apprentice Session Ale 375ml

$4.99 each
Mornington Peninsula

If you are like us, sometimes you just want a beer that is a refreshing start, but not a bolt out of the gate. The Apprentice has rich toffee malt with an aroma of citrus and piney resin, and a restrained bitterness that is balanced by the use of a true ale yeast from California. The Session Ale has a full-bodied flavour but lower alcohol level.

About St Andrews Beach Brewery

At St Andrews Beach Brewery, life is simple and uncomplicated. Located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, we draw inspiration from our heritage and surroundings so we can brew one of life’s pleasures: craft beer. Our 38-hectare property was where Australia’s horse racing greats were trained – Makybe Diva, Mummify, and Miss Andretti have all called our stables home. Our stables are named after the champions who once resided here, and now house a new breed of champions in the form of craft beer. A 1,200 metre race track is where you’ll find 8,000 apple and pear cider trees growing alongside and hops, not horses. Our pristine farmland allows us to operate as a fully functioning farm, and brew some seriously good craft beer. (Website)

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