Prom Country Black Sheep

$105.58 per kg


Distinctive - Fudgy - Smooth - Dense - Nutritious

Black Sheep is unique farmhouse-style cheese rarely seen in Australia, named after some of the coloured Moyarra ewes that supply the milk. Black sheep are known to have a particular character and attitude than stands them apart from the flock.

Each log is gently hand ladled from 500ml of ewes’ milk curd, and lightly salted. A melt-in-the-mouth, dense, creamy cheese with an attractive, mottled , silvery-white rind that develops after 2 weeks' maturation, as the distinctive flora grows through the layer of vine charcoal - house-made from Gippsland Wine Company (Loch) Cabernet vine pruning, and dusted lightly onto the surface. This neutralises some lactic acid which sweetens the cheese, and assists development of the wrinkly rind.

About Prom Country Cheese

Prom Country Cheese is owned and run by the Brandon family from our fertile farm in the beautiful hills of South Gippsland. Here our focus is producing sheep milk for cheesemaking in the small cheese rooms in the paddock above the dairy. We are involved in the entire process from growing the pastures, to breeding and milking, handcrafting the cheese, then proudly presenting the final products to you (Website)