Principia Pinot Noir 750ml

$44.99 each
Mornington Peninsula
Pinot Noir

From the first sip, smitten. Swooning aromas of spiced cherries, Campari and blood-orange with some forest floor complexity. The lighter-framed palate is gentle with fine, lithe tannins and a savoury twist to the finish.

About Principia Wines

Located at 139 Main Creek Road, Red Hill, the vineyard site is at an altitude of 220 metres and has a Northeasterly aspect. The average annual rainfall is approximately 850mm. The soil types consist of older volcanic red, brown and orange silty clays. The first planting was in 1995, with subsequent plantings in 1996 and 2000. There are seven clones of Pinot noir ( MV6, 115, Abel, 777, Pommard, 114 and D2v5) and one of Chardonnay (P58). To maximise exposure to sunlight, the lyre (or U) trellis and vertical shoot positioned (VSP) trellis systems are used and the vine rows are orientated in a north south direction. The vines are not irrigated. A combination of both cane and spur pruning is used and canopy management includes shoot thinning, leaf plucking and bunch thinning as required. No pesticides are used and the fruit is harvested by hand with the assistance of family and friends. (Website)

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