Ossau Iraty

Approximately $19.12 per 150g portion $127.49 per kg


Traditional mountain style cheeses made with care and passion by the last family owned cheese producer in the Basque region - what’s not to love about Agour cheeses. Nestled down in their dairy on the western slopes of the Pyrenees’s mountains the Etchelecu family has been producing authentic sheep’s and goat’s milks cheese for over 30 years. Excellent milk quality is assured with the herds of Manech sheep and local goats grazing on natural pastures for a minimum of 240 days a year. Milk collection is limited to within a 25 km radius of the dairy ensuring the cheeses are a true reflection of unique terroir of the region. Ossau Iraty in our opinion is one the most significant AOP cheeses It stands alone in its uniqueness for many reasons. The exclusive use of milk form the indigenous Manech sheep, meticulously controlled production and maturing methods ands its deep and enduring connection to Basque heritage. With a minimum of 12mths ageing this cheese shows the complex and varied qualities that only appear in fully developed cheeses. Multi layered flavor profiles include pome fruits, nuttiness and a sweet clean finish. Subtle and creamy In texture with a distinctly fishy aroma on the rind

Place of origin

Basque Country, France