Occelli Malt Whiskey Cheese

$17.70 each


Beppino Occelli began his involvement in the dairy sector in 1976. His story can probably be explained by his profound love for the region of his birth, the Langhe and the Alps, to which his creations and personal interpretations of traditional products are tied. Beppino Occelli has created an original and new cheese, processing goat milk and cow milk together. A few carefully selected wheels are aged for a longer period of time and then coated with malted barley and whisky. The final result is a unique cheese with a strong and complex fragrance. The whisky goes down wonderfully with the flavour of malted barley Try it with a glass of beer where the accent is on malt flavours. Serve with toasted nuts as an aperitif.


Cow and Goat milk

Country of origin