Mornington Peninsula 12 Beer Pack

$95.00 each
Mornington Peninsula
Gift Ideas
Father's Day

12 of the best Mornington Peninsula beers in a perfect gift box.

3 Red Hill Brewery -

  • Imperial, Stout
  • The Rip, Pale Ale
  • Barrel Aged Temptation, aged in Bass & Flinders Gin Barrel

3 Jetty Rd. Brewery -

  • Amaretto Sour, Beer Cocktail
  • The Haze, Hazy Pale Ale
  • Attention to detail, Oat cream IPA

3 Bonza -

  • Australian Ale
  • Dark Ale -IPA

3 St Andrews Brewery -

  • The Farrier, India Pale Ale
  • Race Day, Pilsner
  • 6 Furlongs, Pale ALe

Place of origin

Mornington Peinsula, Australia

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