Mantons Creek Pinot Noir 750ml

$44.99 each
Mornington Peninsula
Pinot Noir

From the Hill Block, this Pinot has a fragrant perfume reminiscent of fruits of the forest. Minimally fined, it is silky and long and will develop in the bottle for well over a decade. This is the iconic wine of this cool climate region.

About Manton Creek Estate

Mantons Creek Estate has been a family owned winery for decades. In recent years, the Pellicano family have taken over the winery, producing hand crafted, award winning premium smooth quality wine. Located in a magnificent setting off a small beaten track in one of Australia’s premier wine and food producing regions. Mantons Creek Estate is only a short drive away, merely 80km South of Melbourne, Victoria. The 19-hectare property was previously an orchard, herb farm and horse stud before it was developed into a vineyard during the 1990’s. The high quality maritime, cool climate wines are made entirely from estate grown Mornington Peninsula fruit. (Website)

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