Main Ridge Olive - First Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2020 Harvest Limited Release - 500ml

$26.00 each
Mornington Peninsula


New season, unfiltered and un-settled, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil boasts grassy, herbaceous notes and full bodied robust flavours. This limited edition oil showcases deep fruity aromas and is balanced with a pleasant pungency making it the perfect all round oil.

Place of origin

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

About Main Ridge Olives

Located on the pristine Mornington Peninsula, Main Ridge Olive Company produces premium cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil and naturally salt brined table olives. Our groves are organically managed and pesticide free. Our products are in high demand in restaurants and fine food grocers. Our table olives are hand picked, sorted, washed and same day placed into brine. Over a 12-18 month period (depending on whether the olive is green or black) the olives ferment enhancing the natural flavours while maintaining a firm texture to the bite. Many commercially available table olives are rapidly processed in chemicals (such as lye aka caustic soda) which removes much of the natural olive flavour and texture. We harvest our Mornington Peninsula olives and within 6 hours cold press for a premium extra virgin product. Our unique packaging and branding makes Main Ridge Olive Company oil a great present or product for daily use in cooking and salads. (Website)