Bakery Lievito English Muffins 4pk

$6.58 each
Mornington Peninsula

Place of origin

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

About Bakery Lievito

‘Lievito’ is the Italian word for natural leavening and keeping things natural is the inspiration for Bakery Lievito. Bakery Lievito was established by Kent Techritz in 2009. Having previously enjoyed success with Flinders Bread, Kent left his wood fired oven behind to travel and work with other bakers to develop his skills, particularly in the area of sourdough bread. Since its early days, Bakery Lievito has grown to become a bakery selling Sourdough, Ciabatta, Turkish bread and more recently, Le Pain de Mie buns to a variety of select café’s, restaurants and retailers. Bakery Lievito was passed on by Kent to Paul and John Mentiplay, well known for their Baker Boys bread from the Mornington Peninsula, in 2015. Together they will continue to operate both Bakeries independently, staying true to Kent’s values that you can still taste in every bite of Lievito bread. The energy and dedication of our bakers is a vital ingredient in every loaf, which is hand made. We strive to provide sourdough bread that has nutritional substance, is flavoursome and has the signature chewy quality of the best sourdough breads. (Website)