Hart's Farm Pear Quince Cider 750

$27.99 each
Mornington Peninsula

This “Triple Pome” blend made from Prime Mornington Peninsula cider fruit is an exceptional addition to the Harts Farm family. This, our first release, embodies the complexity, crisp acidity and aromatic nuance of a fine fruit wine. Fermented in Stainless Steel tanks, the individual fruit ferments are blended and back filled with fresh apple and quince juice. Bottle conditioning then adds the lovely fine carbonation and throws a residual bottle lees. Silver Medal winner, Red Hill Cider Show 2019; Bronze Medal Winner, Australian Cider Awards 2019

This cider will be a great addition to your cellar for celebrations or every day enjoyment with friends.

About Hart's Farm

Hart’s Farm on Tucks Road, Shoreham, occupies 10 Hectares with Manton’s Creek flowing through. Our farm started its working life as a dairy, the old corrugated iron milking shed is still there, though now renovated and extended. When we bought the property in 1997, beef cattle were happily grazing on the fertile pastures. We eventually converted to growing olives. In 2000, with the help of friends and family, we planted 800 baby olive trees – Frantoio, Leccino & Pendolino, varieties that we thought would do well on the Peninsula. Around 500 more trees followed over the years. These Tuscan varieties make wonderful high polyphenol extra virgin olive oils which have won multiple awards. In 2010 we embarked on our cider journey, & an apple and pear orchard was planted. Our first cider was produced in 2014. We added another few hundred heritage apple cider trees in 2016. Hart’s Farm apple cider is made from traditional English and French apple varieties, & has won multiple awards. Our ciders are naturally fermented and bottle conditioned in a range of styles. Cider, Olive Oil, Olives, some seasonal produce are available at the Farmgate on Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as public holidays, by appointment or via our online store. (Website)

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