City Larder Chicken Leek Truffle Terrine 150gm

$12.99 each
French Wine, Cheese & Provisions

About City Larder

Veteran chef Robbie Bell interviews everybody from high profile chefs to cheesemongers to butchers on his food industry podcast ‘Cooking the Books’, but his culinary career is an inspiring story in its own right. The English-born chef launched much-loved Ivanhoe charcuterie City Larder with wife Rebecca Bell in 2015, as the next chapter in a career he’s spent between UK restaurants and bistros and several years as executive sous chef at Rockpool Bar and Grill. City Larder, a supplier of traditional French-style charcuterie that was conceived with small independent retailers in mind, continues to perfect and expand on its variety of locally-sourced charcuterie items. Robbie, a French-trained chef, specialises in handcrafted products including restaurant-quality terrines, pâté, rillettes and pickles. (Website)