Boatshed Buffalo Tempest 200g

$16.50 each
Mornington Peninsula

Fresh and light, this donut shaped buffalo cheese is lightly ashed to create a wrinkly grey rind, encasing a mild lactic cheese. When mature, Tempest is rich and oozy with a complex flavour

Place of origin

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

About BoatShed Cheese

BoatShed Cheese was created by Tamara, of Tamara's Kitchen, a well known cooking school in Hawthorn, Melbourne and author of several cookbooks. Tamara's first food love was bread-making and since 1989, Tamara has taught thousands of her students how to make delicious bread as well as cakes, risotto and so much more. Her love of food has taken her to France where she has taught and escorted gourmet 'foodies' to Provence to learn more about the food and lifestyle of this popular destination. Upon moving to the Mornington Peninsula, Tamara discovered the wonderful array of locally produced foods including farm-fresh goat milk - the essence of most Provencal cheese. With local produce and a desire to re-create her favourite French style cheese, Tamara began an exciting and enlightening journey into the world of cheese making. (Website)