Approximately $20.62 per 150g portion $137.50 per kg


AOP Swiss Gruyere without doubt is one of Europe’s most significant cheeses. Production of Gruyere style cheese is estimated to have commenced at least 350 years ago. The first written historical document that refers to Gruyere is dated 1655; hence the brand of this distinguished cheese. Over 170 artisan dairies continue to produce Gruyere to AOP specifications. 1665 source their Gruyere from only one of these specifically sanctioned dairies. This one unique dairy was chosen for its proven ability to consistently produce cheese of exceptional quality and balance. Switzerland’s Bex Mountains are home to salt mines that have been in constant operation for over 500 years. This locally sourced salt is still used in the production of 1665 Gruyere ensuring the cheese is an authentic reflection of this unique mountain terroir. Ripened for a minimum of 12mths by the only Affineur still located in the original Gruyere region, this cheese might best be described as refined richness. Intense floral and mineral flavors combine with earthy aromas and a dense compact texture.

Country of origin

Product of Switzerland