Allies Balnarring Pinot Noir 750ml

$34.99 each
Mornington Peninsula
Pinot Noir

It's slightly warmer as you come down the hill and Balnarring can produce wonderfully opulent Pinots that still manage to retain a core of refreshing acidity. The 2018 Balnarring shows typical pure black cherry and blackcurrant aromas. The palate shows a lovely balance between acid and tannins with a powerful yet silky mid-palate given focus by soft persistent tannins.

About Allies Wines

Eyjpzci6ija5zmi1mwfmmwi2mdy3owm5mtgwnti4zgi4ode5ymjhiiwic3rvcmfnzsi6inb1ymxpy19zdg9yzsj9?signature=ceece0b0b433dbda477ce65962682434a122874bde855ce3625edf6e67569e0f A former Chef and Sommelier, David Chapman began Allies in 2003, whilst working at Moorooduc Estate. The first wine was just few barrels of Pinot Noir from a vineyard around the corner in Tuerong. Today, there is a bit more but the quantity is limited by the number of acres Chapman is able to manage by himself. His mission is to handcraft rich, silky and perfumed Pinot Noir, showcasing the diversity of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula through wines taken from different townships. (Website)

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